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Frederique Constant Watches

What are the most Expensive Watches in the World?


They are expensive watches. There are few expensive watches equipped with tourbillion, which is an intricate mechanism of countering the effect of gravity. All these reasons.

Patek Philippe's Henry Graves Super-Complication Exclusive Pocket Watch


Next on my list of most expensive watches in the world is from Patek. During the 20s, two rich American pals with his spare cash in hand, decided to go with a contest for his own intricate and expensive watch. Do you want to know who these two rich American buddies were? None other than Henry Graves and James Packard (who now own a popularly known company called HP).


James Packard, this battle in the year 1927 and Henry never wanted to be defeated. Therefore, Henry paid Patek-Philippe to make a special timepiece. The outcome is this super-complication featuring the highly developed horological technique. This incredible model was made with 18-carat gold with chronological technology for every hour. An unknown bidder got it during 1999 and now it is showcased at watchmaker's museum at Geneva, Switzerland.

Breguet And Fils Paris Precision Exclusive Stop-Watch

This is another classy accessory into my list of the most expensive watches in the world. This kind of watch is very rare to see. It is made with 18-carat gold and is the 1st experimental watch from Breguet. This rarely-exceptional model has two movements and was sold originally during 1814 of August to Mr. Garcias for a sum of 5000 francs. It is currently priced at 4.7 million dollars.

Louis Moinet Meterois Asteroid

This luxurious watch is made from meteorite, moon and asteroid pieces. Its series came with set of 4 tourbillion watches. The tour-billion asteroid dial characterizes the handcrafted fragments of mystifying Itqiy meteorite that formed near sun millions of year ago. The most spectacular thing about this watch is its black and white elite pattern with silver dials. Its price is 4.6 million dollars.


Now it is not possible for most of the people to buy a watch worth multimillion dollars, so there is a stylish option available in form of Frederique Constant. Some models are studded with diamonds which are sure to attract the beholders. The dashing designs of Frederique Constant watches are really worth to buy. We recommend Frederique Constant Geneve. You can find out the current Frederique Constant Geneve price at